IT Support

We understand how frustrating it is when things go wrong, especially if you don’t have a dedicated IT department to call on. Tekkie Help.Biz is here to get everything working the way you need it to, enabling you to focus on your core business. We are a holistic provider of IT support and can assist with a broad spectrum of services.

We provide IT service solutions tailored to meet the requirements of you and your business. We can be called out for ad hoc support, arrange a monthly or quarterly fixed price service to manage regular IT maintenance or we can take care of all your business’ IT needs, administering your systems and ensuring that the right support is on hand when needed. Whatever level of support you require, you can be assured of the prompt attention of professional and experienced technicians who will work to enhance business performance.

Some of the things we can assist with:

  • WiFi optimisation
  • Hardware troubleshooting and repairs (servers, routers, computers)
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Cloud computing support
  • IP Security camera configuration
  • IT and media equipment installation & configuration
  • Tailored IT support plans
  • Technology training
  • Website design and development


With the right advice, technology will help you to achieve business goals, increase efficiency and solve internal challenges.

Every business is different and so every company’s IT needs are different. Our approach is not to offer an “off the shelf” package, but instead, tailor your specific IT requirements to your business’ needs. We will recommend appropriate technology to ensure your systems are robustly backed up and secure. Where appropriate we can also provide advise of how IT can automate processes and increase speed and efficiency in any area of your organisation.

Our expertise and advice will give you peace of mind that your company’s IT is fit for the challenges ahead and give you more time to focus on accomplishing your aims.

We can provide ad hoc consultancy to assist with one-off projects, or long-term ongoing IT Consultancy.

Some of the things we can assist with:

  • Short and long-term IT planning
  • Network and IT infrastructure design
  • Office moves and IT relocation
  • Data backup and data recovery strategies
  • Network and cyber security
  • Website design and security
  • IT systems audit and reviews
  • Equipment recommendation and procurement
  • Project scoping and implementation

Infrastructure supply & setup

A stable network and reliable infrastructure and equipment are essential to any modern business. Tekkie Help.Biz can help you effectively design, install and manage your entire network and IT infrastructure.

Being a boutique IT support company, we have the flexibility to deal with every aspect of technology you require to make your business run like clock work. You won’t need to liaise with multiple contractors to get cabling installed, electrical work done, computers purchased, telephones installed, cameras set up etc. We can do it all for you, leaving you time to focus on your core business.

Some of the elements of your IT infrastructure we can supply, set up and support:

  • Routers, switching and WiFi
  • Computers and peripheral devices
  • Servers and storage devices
  • Wiring and cabling
  • IP video surveillance systems
  • POS systems
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Music and entertainment systems
  • Firewalls

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