Tekkie Help – How it all started

  Bo and Sarah chatted with Angela Manners, from Vanilla Beige, to share the story of how Tekkie Help began: I have a husband, The Vegetarian, who is quite a technical person. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been tinkering with this device or pulling apart that computer. Every tech issue in our house has been fixed by… Read More »

Cybercrime – How to protect you and your business

Over the past few months we have had a worrying increase in the number of people coming to us who have been targeted by online scammers. We have also been targeted ourselves! Cyber criminals have got extremely clever and professional. Their emails appear to be credible legitimate requests from known and trusted organisations such as… Read More »

Cloud Vs. Network-Attached Storage: What are the pros and cons of each?

Most small and medium sized businesses don’t enjoy the luxury of a dedicated in-house IT team. As a result, important decisions like how to backup and store your business’ data are made by you, the owner. Whether you are looking for a robust backup solution or searching for cost-effective data storgae, finding the right system… Read More »

What is Two-Step Verification and do I need it?

If you read our last edition of TekkieNews, explaining what to do if you suspect someone has hacked your online accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, DropBox and others, you will know that we recommend you enhance account security by setting up two-step authentication, also referred to as two-factor verification. This security measure has been… Read More »

New computer? 5 tips to help you make the right choice

Time to treat yourself to a new computer? If it is, you’re in luck! There has never been a time with such great choices. Whether you are looking for a computer to run demanding applications/games or for day to day use, picking the right PC (Mac or Windows) can be a daunting task and that… Read More »